ATV trailer sauna.

Road traffic version Price 6990 €
Off-road model Price 5990 €
Module Price 4990 €

Jalas series Price 500 €

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With the Ultratec atv sauna you can go to the sauna wherever otherwise you can't. It is also convenient to move the sauna cart with a tractor ATV in road traffic.
The sauna can accommodate 4 people.
The wood-burning stove gives a gentle steam or, if necessary, a kick is enough.

ATV Sauna is equipped with a Harvia M3 SL wood-heated stove.
The stove is easy to heat from outside the sauna and gives great steams with a small amount of wood. The heater is equipped with a WL400 protective wall, which significantly reduces safety distances. The sauna experience is completed by a 22-liter chimney water heater that heats the bath water during the sauna.


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