ATV timber trailer cart with cable hoist

Use the cable hoist to save your back.
The cable hoist is convenient for lifting heavy trees on board. and 30cm thick fresh wood.
To lift heavier trees, lift one end first and then the other.

The support leg prevents the load from tipping over.
The support leg is placed on the side to be lifted. The boom is mechanically prevented from turning to one side to prevent the trolley from falling when the tree travels to the other side of the trolley.


Dimensions 4500 * 1270 * 1200
Weight approx. 198 kg - LOAD - Max width 1270
Load capacity 1500 kg (For small ATVs we recommend transporting approximately 1000kg as a safe load) - CONSTRUCTION / BODY -
Electro-galvanized / powder-coated > Strong 4-fabric low pressure off-road tires
Support leg
ATV timber trailer + wire rope jack

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